There is a fascinating history behind the Empathie project. The story of an encounter between a french fashion designer and an italian manager. The streets of paris are long, one of the most romantic cities in the world, capital of culture, art and fashion that the two young people meet.

A brief but intense encounter, that will change both their lives. A feeling that is created from the outset and that will bring them together to realize their common dream. Thus the Empathie brand was founded in 2011. It is inspired by the parisian moods and atmosphere, drawing from glimpses of everyday life, romantic and metropolitan, evoking emotions to be consumed in an instantand feelings to be kept in mind forever.

Thus a mood is born of great charm, passionate and cheeky, nostalgic and dreamy. Result of constant experimentation, every single garment (graphics and details,) is conceived and designed by combining creativity and sophistication. In january 2014, after three years of experience and achievements, empathie presents it’s first men’s summer collection. A new challenge and a new goal. The story of Empathie continues..

The registered office and headquarters of the company is located in Italy.


Refined lines and essential colors, entirely produced and packed in Italy. The brand is positioned in a medium-high segment of the market. ” Dessinée avec le coeur ” is the starting point in which prints, fabrics, lines, details make the final product unique, able to capture and enthrall the audience.

L’ exaltation of femininity and romance come together for a cosmopolitan taste. The woman who Empathie intends to dress is a versatile woman in continuous transformation, able to adapt to different situations without betraying style and elegance.


Empathie is present in multi-brand outlets and has an extensive network of agents and distributors in Italy and abroad.

To live up to the name of the brand, Empathie, chooses stores that embrace the idea of a “concept store”, magical environments where the clothes are mixed with perfumes, books and photos, and romanticism amalgamates designs; pure and original.

In this environment, the consumer is free to watch, listen, read and , if they wish can buy. For several years Empathie is present in the most important fairs in the fashion industry, including: White Milan, Premium Berlin, Scoop London, Pure London.